The Life Skills Curriculum

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Would you like to excel in school, in personal life, and in professional life? …

curriculum is a set of courses that are related so that you can become insanely good at something worthwhile.

  • An engineering curriculum is a set of courses that provides you with the ideas that you need to be an insanely good engineer.
  • business curriculum is a set of courses that provides you with the ideas that you need to be an insanely business professional.
  • The life-skills curriculum is a set of courses that provides you with the ideas that you need to excel in life (e.g. school, personal life, professional life, sports, ….)

The courses that will make up the Life Skills Curriculum are:

  1. Critical Thinking (CT). How to make great decisions by using evidence, data, and reasoning. How to analyze the decisions of others to see how good of decisions they are. How to persuade and influence ethically.
  2. Problem Solving. When you have an issue that needs to be dealt with, how to turn this issue into a goal and then reach the goal in a fun and effective way.
  3. Learning. Figuring out how to do XYZ insanely well. (XYZ = guitar, marketing, engineering, draw, do a startup, or any topic). The biological basis of learning.
  4. Growth. The Growth Mindset. How to grow your performance. How to improve a product (goods or service).
  5. Knowledge Construction (KC). How to find the best available knowledge and figure it out to the grok level.
  6. Flourishing (i.e., Emotional Intelligence). Happiness and Success. The Law of Small Steps. How to live life to the fullest. How to reduce suffering to nearly zero. The biological basis of emotions.
  7. Ethics. How to make smart decisions when moral issues arise. How to set and follow values. How to deal with non-ethical behavior around you.
  8. Running Your Show. How to be super motivated. How to set and reach goals. How to organize and manage your space, your time, and everything else.
  9. Wellness. How to take care of yourself in a holistic way. Diet, exercise, spiritual, …
  10. Communication. How to listen for understanding. How to speak so others hear you. How to read for comprehension. How to write so others know exactly what you mean.
  11. Collaboration and Relationships. How to build life-long, trust-based relationships. How to set up any group or team for great performance. The 7 healthy habits and the 7 deadly habits. Team fundamentals such as Kaizen, CT, and Problem Solving. How to use a work breakdown schedule.
  12. Organizational Leadership and Management. How to drive your economic success up. How to get more customers and transform these customers into evangelists. How to build a culture that energizes and engages your employees. How to build and run a strategic plan.
  13. The StartUp. How to startup a company from ground zero.

Feedback from You

I appreciate feedback !!

  • What courses would you like to have built first and why?
  • Do you think that the courses should be sequenced? Why? Or not sequenced?
  • Holes, gaps and cavities? What course or topics should be added?
  • Non-essential topics. What courses or topics should be deleted?


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