Steve Jobs Mindset

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Competent professionals apply CT to explain ideas, to answer questions, to do everything they do.

Summary of CT

Argument: An answer or solution or idea from a person.

How to Present an Argument:

Step 1. Summarize issue (own words)

Step 2. Give your reasoning/evidence.

Step 3. State your conclusion (make it personal; as in, here is what I believe)

Key Ideas:

  • Be respectful (everyone has different beliefs).
  • There is no right/wrong (only arguments).
  • Choices
    • Choice 1. I am right. I know how things should be done. People who disagree with me are idiots. I know what other people should be doing. My ideas are the best ideas.
    • Choice 2. I use critical thinking.


Demonstrate CT on this question (Steve Jobs’ Mindset)

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