Take this lesson to learn how to give a Pecha Kucha Style presentation


In the video below,  Adam Sedgwick, Chris Wiegert, and Shawn Trimble present one of the class projects for ME 223 (Sophomore Design). You can also see their prototype working in this video.

In the video below, Brian Bond delivers a presentation in the Pecha Kucha style.

One can also see Daniel Pink delivering a Pecha Kucha talk in this video.

A Pecha Kucha presentation is a presentation style that focuses on sharing ideas about design in a socially rich environment. A key aim is brevity (say what you need to say; then sit down). The standard features of PK are:

  • Slides are visual rich with only a few words (8 or less typically)
  • The presenter talks for about 20 seconds per slide
  • The standard talk length is (20 slides times 20 seconds/slide) 6 minutes and 40 seconds

Pecha Kucha is described in Wikipedia and on this page.


  • Your talk will work better for your audience (more impact; more memorable; shorter …) because people naturally grasp ideas better from visuals.
  • Fun because you get to play with images
  • Builds communication skills
  • You learn a presentation format  that applies in many contexts

How to Write a Pecha Kucha Talk

Tips I’ve found to be useful are:

  • A good talk takes a lot of preparation and practice. Plan for this. There are few if any “natural speakers.” Great speakers make it look easy because they have done a super amount of practice.
  • Use the 20 seconds and 8 words as guidelines (not rigid rules)
  • Script out your talk. Better to read your script than to stumble. Thus, only talk from memory when you have rehearsed many times.
  • Build your talk on paper (no computer) first and go through many iteration before going to computer.
  • Use what you already know about giving great talks
  • Practice the beginning many times so that you don’t have to think (you are on auto pilot).

Logbook Tasks

  1. In your own words, explain why Pecha Kucka talks benefit people (self and others).
  2. In your words, explain how to do a Pecha Kucha talk.
  3. Write a Pecha Kucka talk on a topic relevant to this class.

Goals for the Learner

  1. Describe what a PK talk is and why it created.
  2. List the benefits of a PK Talk.
  3. Explain how to write and deliver a PK talk.
  4. Be able to write and deliver a PK talk.