Assignment: Learning Project Management

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Background for this Assignment I believe that Professionals should be able to run projects and deliver results on time and on budget. Professionals should understand how learning works Thus, this assignment is to help student learn (a) project management, and … Continued

Assignment: Product Problem Finding

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Background for this Assignment It makes no sense to design a product that no one wants. Why waste the time and money? Why not get data before your design your product that tells you what your customers want? This assignment … Continued

Assignment: Quick Test

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Instructions: Review the Lesson: Quick Test Make sure each team member can reach lesson goals Do the quick test for a product idea that your team has. Post results to your blog.

Assignment: Estimating Profitablity

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Background for this Assignment It makes no sense to design and build a product that will lose money. Why not figure out whether or not a design idea will make money? The standard approach is to build a Pro-Forma Income … Continued

Lesson: Project Management

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Take this lesson to learn fundamentals about project management. The Meaning of Project Management We do projects all the time in both personal and professional life. Examples for me: Planning a dinner party, hosting my friends, having a great evening, … Continued

Arduino Challenge Problem

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MyProfessionalPortfolio: Assignment: ME223: Fall 2012 Instructions Design a problem for the First Arduino Grand Challenge Competition. Post your solution to MyProfessionalPortfolio.  In your post, follow the format of this exemplar: Exemplar: Link to Blogger. Exemplar: pdf-file The requirements for your … Continued

Aziz Makhani: Tech Ventures: Fall 2012

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Overview Learning involves sharing ideas and learning ideas with people. Learning is hugely social. Learning is about relationships and about community. To this end, I have asked Aziz Makhani (a member of the community) to share what he has learning … Continued

Assignment: Project Management

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Rationale for this Assignment Most projects fail (don’t reach goals, get canceled, …..). Procrastination, stress etc. Why not do projects in a better way? Most teams are unbalanced; not everyone doing a fair share of the work; some team members … Continued

Growing My Performance in Collaboration

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Rationale for this Lesson: I want all students to know how to grow performance. I want all student to know how to be good at collaboration. Instructions. (Submit work to MyProfessionalPortfolio) Because these topics are very important, I expect about … Continued

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