Aziz Makhani: Tech Ventures: Fall 2012

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Learning involves sharing ideas and learning ideas with people. Learning is hugely social. Learning is about relationships and about community. To this end, I have asked Aziz Makhani (a member of the community) to share what he has learning with you.

Learning itself is enhanced when we write about what we are seeking to learn because writing promotes thinking and thinking itself leads to the growth and connection of brain cells because of  neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity means that the brain cells change in response to experiences. It is the biological basis of learning.

Thus the purpose of this activity is build knowledge and share this knowledge


Listen to Aziz Makhani’s talk and then do the following.

Step 1. Think back on the talk

Step 2. Identify the 3 ideas that are most useful to you right now.

Step 3. Write about each idea. For each idea, strive to explain:

  • Meaning of this idea to you.
  • Why the idea is useful to you
  • How you can apply the idea in ways that benefit you.

Step 4. Post your three ideas to

  1. MyProfessionalPortfolio (so you get points)
  2. The comment box below (so you can share with the community)

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  1. 1) Be open to advise from everyone:

    This is meaningful to me because as an engineer (and as a man) I am naturally solution minded. I am often comming up with what I think is THE solution to a problem or the right answer. It takes a lot of humility to listen to the advise of others. Aziz mentioned making significant design changes based on the input of a 5 year old. By listening to and seeking input from others it will make me a better designer.

    2) Know the competition prior to starting:

    This means, make sure the product can compete before proceeding. This is useful to me because if I’d done more market research prior to starting my prototype, I probably would have picked something else to work on. One of my main hang-ups from proceeding with this particular product is that there is an influx of similar products, and I’m not sure mine is distinct enough to compete. I can use this by being more aware of what is around and either use these existing ideas to generate new ideas, or save a lot of time not pursueing something that is already existing.

    3) Have a good idea of what you want to do and a product roadmap–(similarly)–have it clear in your mind so you can communicate:

    To me this means doing your homework before you try to proceed with an idea. In one of my elevator pitches, I was tagged for not having many of the details worked out well enough. I needed to have thought it through better, with a better roadmap and more clear in my mind. I wasn’t able to communicate and because of it I came off as not credible. I can apply this my making sure I have thought through the details better so I can communicate them.

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