Assignment: Project Management

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Rationale for this Assignment Most projects fail (don’t reach goals, get canceled, …..). Procrastination, stress etc. Why not do projects in a better way? Most teams are unbalanced; not everyone doing a fair share of the work; some team members … Continued

Growing My Performance in Collaboration

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Rationale for this Lesson: I want all students to know how to grow performance. I want all student to know how to be good at collaboration. Instructions. (Submit work to MyProfessionalPortfolio) Because these topics are very important, I expect about … Continued

Lesson: Pitching

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This lesson was created several years ago. Handout: Pitching Knowledge Introduction This video introduces pitching How to Pitch This video explain how to pitch Pitching Template pitch-template (excel file)

Lesson: Growing Performance

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Take this lesson to learn how to grow performance by reflecting on experiences. This lesson will introduce a method called the SII (strengths, improvements, insights) method. Performance To be a human is to perform. Examples of performances in personal life include: … Continued

Josh Hartung: Tech Ventures: Fall 2012

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Overview Learning involves sharing ideas and learning ideas with people. Learning is hugely social. Learning is about relationships and about community. To this end, I have asked Josh Hartung (a member of the community) to share what he has learning … Continued

Assignment: Designing An Experiment

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Instructions Read the lesson on how to design an experiment.  Write a post in MyProfessionalPortfolio. Your audience is a professional engineer who may hire you (or select someone else.). In your post, do the following: Explain what experiment design means. List … Continued

Thermal Model: Mug Project

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Situation: Warm water (an idealization of beer or soda) is poured into a container (an idealization of a chilled mug) that has been placed in the freezer. The system (i.e. mug plus water) is allowed to reach thermal equilibrium. Your … Continued

Reimbursement for Outreach Students

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Step 1. Save receipts for all purchases. Scan these into your computer. Step 2. Fill out the Non Travel Reimbursement Form. (Tip: do this electronically by using a program that allows you to write on a pdf file. My favorite is … Continued

Lesson: How to Design an Experiment

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Take this lesson to learn how to design an experiment using the scientific method. Meaning of Experiment Design Suppose I am developing a math model of a falling rock climber (see Fig 1). The goal is to find the load … Continued

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