We build educational products that are based on the science of learning.

Science of Learning. Researchers such as Carol Dweck (Stanford),  Anders Ericsson (Florida State), and Chris Argyris (Harvard) have uncovered a new science of learning that reveals three wonderful ideas:

  • How anyone can learn anything (learn insanely well)
  • How anyone can flourish (live life at its fullest; go big or go home)
  • How to build organizations that flourish (a flourishing organization has healthy financials + an abundance of customers + a culture that employees love + a track record of doing good for the community)

Core Products. Our three main products are:

  • BookCourse: A BookCourse is a collection of  educational materials so that you or your student can learn the main ideas of a course.
  • CourseBuilder: CourseBuilder is a collection of computer apps, built primarily with open-source code,  that equip you to create, improve, disseminate, and monetize a course on a subject.
  • IntegratedCurriculums:  An integrated curriculum is a collection of BookCourses that lead to excellence is a professional field (e.g., engineering or business).